Ed Borowsky


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Can Harold bowl a perfect series and live while participating in a Mongolian Bowling Tournament?
Will Eddy use his talent, failing, and find his success helping failing business owners fail?
In an act of confession, Joe looks for redemption in his final moments in this world.

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Excerpts - "Lizard of Transition"

January 10, 2017

Tags: Battle of the Druinimor River, New Guinea

“And then I saw the Zero coming around again. The bullets were flying and there were explosions all around. I needed to get inside that log, but that damn Lizard just sat there guarding the opening, not letting me in.
“Suddenly I saw a P-51 Mustang, one of ours, coming in from the right (more…)

The Great Mongolian Bowling League of the United States of America - Excerpts

January 10, 2017

Tags: Mongolian Bowling League

“With friends, you are as broad as the steppe.”
Without them, you are as narrow as the palm of your hand.”
Mongolian Proverb
* * *
What are you doing at the library?”
“I wanted to learn more about Mongolia and its people. I can honestly say after reading about the great indigenous people living in a (more…)

Excerpts from "It's a Good Day to Liquidate"

January 10, 2017


Now I’ve been seriously considering this…I’ve been honest all my life and I’ve failed miserably. So perhaps that pot of gold isn't waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow…rather… it’s waiting for me on the dark side, (more…)

Welcome to My World

December 30, 2016

“By combining self with character, you bring another person into existence. The world will have another person in its midst, if only for a moment”

We navigate through the different stages of our lives, walking various path's, which will take us to the crossroads. Once there we must pause to contemplate, until we (more…)