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Can Harold bowl a perfect series and live while participating in a Mongolian Bowling Tournament?
Will Eddy use his talent, failing, and find his success helping failing business owners fail?
In an act of confession, Joe looks for redemption in his final moments in this world.

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It’s a Good Day to Liquidate

Eddy Ackerman is a young retail furniture store owner, born into the business. Eddy has failed at most everything he’s done in his life. His dead father once said, “Find your talent, do what your good at and you’ll find your success” After one of the worst days of his existence, the day when the IRS stormed into his business and padlocked the doors, was the same day his wife left him and took all his money. Eddy has an epiphany; he’s done one thing consistently well, and that one thing was his talent… failing!

The liquidation industry recruits its workers from companies who have gone out of business. Eddy looks to find his success in the liquidation business because he reasons, “They’re a bunch of failures like me who have found their success helping failing business owners…fail".

Eddy goes to work for what appears to be a reputable liquidation company but they’re more than they appear to be. He gets caught up in the criminal world and finds himself in a life or death struggle to survive. Working in his first liquidation sale in Poughkeepsie, NY, as the assistant sale manager for a reputable third generation furniture storeowner, he’s soon arrested and convinced to wear a wire. Discovered, he’s dragged into a hidden underground complex. After witnessing two murders he escapes, gets shot and ends up in the Hudson River.

Eddy’s journey illuminates how failure and liquidation are integral parts of our lives. And like the mythical Phoenix, we rise from the ashes, hopefully in one piece and better for it.