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Can Harold bowl a perfect series and live while participating in a Mongolian Bowling Tournament?
Will Eddy use his talent, failing, and find his success helping failing business owners fail?
In an act of confession, Joe looks for redemption in his final moments in this world.

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Lizard of Transition

Lizard of Transition is a historical fiction novella, which explores how the after effects of war impact a surviving soldier and his family.

Joe Rabinovsky, a ninety one-year-old Jewish World War Two veteran, is lying in a Chicago area hospice facility. His son sits by his side holding vigil for his dying father. Joe awakens and says to his son, ďI just had a vivid dream.Ē He had come back from the world of transition, the world between life and death, where he is reliving his past war experiences. In an act of confession, Joe looks for redemption in his final moments in this world. His killing in the war has stained his soul, which has haunted him his entire life.

His son Joshua is under tremendous pressure as his world is falling apart around him. His marriage is dying after his wife of thirty-six years has been unfaithful. She has come to visit her father-in-law at the hospice facility and Joshua and she are brought together to face their problems under the gut-wrenching veil of the fatherís imminent passing.

From the wisdom of the ages and from the Jewish perspective on death and redemption, the family finds their way forward. In one final closing gesture, the son brings reconciliation not only to his father and his family but also to the family of a Japanese soldier his father killed in the Battle of the Driniumor River, New Guinea, over seventy years ago.

Lizard of Transition shines a light on how understanding death and dying will lead us to live rich and fuller lives.