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Can Harold bowl a perfect series and live while participating in a Mongolian Bowling Tournament?
Will Eddy use his talent, failing, and find his success helping failing business owners fail?
In an act of confession, Joe looks for redemption in his final moments in this world.

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The Great Mongolian Bowling League of the United States of America

Harold Kushner and his roommate of thirty years Murray Schwartz are two average senior citizens living in a trailer park in Land O Lakes, Florida. On a weekend getaway to Disney, they stay at an economy hotel on International Drive. Harold and Murray go bowling at an alley nearby, where they meet two Mongolian bowlers in the next lane. By happenstance, theyíre invited to join the Mongolians as teammates, with Tomorbaatar, Kulan and his beautiful sister Odetsegseg, in what is dubbed the first ever, Great Mongolian Bowling League Tournament of the United States of America.

The bowling team competition becomes a high stakes roll-off when the owners of the bowling alley, two loveable mobsters, set the fix on the game. Murray and his new younger Mongolian friend Kulan agree to throw the game, but they donít tell their teammates. Unfortunately, Harold and Tomorbaatar are on fire and Harold is on his way to bowling a perfect three game series, placing them in the lead. Winning is not an option as their well-being depends on loosing the competition.

Bowling three, three hundred score games in a row is extremely rare and is defined as perfection in the bowling world. The game is televised as the world watches Harold in his pursuit of perfection. The publicity the event receives shines a light on the problems Mongolia is currently facing in their quest to transition from a broken down old Soviet satellite state to a modern democracy.

The action unfolds in a beautiful comedic tale that illustrates; although we come from worlds far apart, we share a common humanity. Can Harold roll perfection and live? The outcome will impact millions and warm your heart.