Ed Borowsky


Selected Works

Can Harold bowl a perfect series and live while participating in a Mongolian Bowling Tournament?
Will Eddy use his talent, failing, and find his success helping failing business owners fail?
In an act of confession, Joe looks for redemption in his final moments in this world.

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The Great Mongolian Bowling League of the United States of America
Two retired Jewish roommates of thirty years are invited to bowl in the first ever Mongolian bowling tournament in the United States. The bowling team competition becomes a high stakes roll-off when the owners of the bowling alley, two loveable mobsters, set the fix on the game.

It’s a Good Day to Liquidate
Eddy looks to find his success in the liquidation business. He goes to work for what appears to be a reputable liquidation company but they’re more than they appear to be. He gets caught up in the criminal world and finds himself in a life or death struggle to survive.

Lizard of Transition
Joe confesses to his son while he's dying in a hospice facility. The killing he did in World War 2 has stained his soul. Through the Jewish perspective on death and redemption, Joe’s son manages to find redemption for his family and the son of the Japanese soldier his father had killed.