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"An amusing, sweet tale of a high-stakes game."

Kirkus Reviews


"The Great Mongolian Bowling League is a joyous, uplifting and uniquely rendered first novel. It is a testament to kindness and friendship, and has readers falling in love with Harold Kushner, a man for all seasons. Sit back and drink in some warmth, wit and wisdom."
—Ken Eulo, Author, The Brownstone Trilogy


"A wacky and wild adventure…that provides a peek at human relationships…and how funny life can be as we try to roll strikes."
Mongol Survey


"A sweet rite-of-passage tale of two aging men whose lives are delightfully transformed through cross-cultural encounters and an amusing series of events that test and strengthen not only their bowling skills but their friendship and faith in humanity and themselves."
—Emily Rodavich, Author, The Mystical Interludes Series


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Some Five-Star Reviews for The Great Mongolian Bowling League of the United States of America ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I started reading the book … and I couldn't put it down. The book was a page turner and I couldn't in my wildest dreams get the title of the book until I read it. The characters, Harold and Murray, became real to life for me and I write about fictional characters. However, in deep humility I must say they were real in this book because they taught life's lesson about our mortality, how to accept it, and how to make the most of it. Don't be distracted by the title until you find out by reading the book what the title means and how the book will impact your life and accept it graciously and thankfully for all life has to offer with the gifts God gave us."

—John A. DiCicco, PhD, Educator and Author


"Very enjoyable and a fun read! The characters really come to life. The author creates wonderful imagery with his storytelling."
—B. Needleman, Amazon Customer


"Harold became famous for a short time by bowling three perfect games. I learned through him to be patient in an impatient world and to treat people as you would want to be treated."
—Joseph, Amazon Customer


"Wonderful novella and a great read. Poignant story about what it means to be famous. Harold is a fun character and story is crazy enough to hold the reader's interest. Short and sweet and highly recommended."
—John Moynihan, Amazon Customer


"This is a charming fictional story about how one person, by chance, has an opportunity to make a positive difference for others. Harold Kushner is a humble, loyal and trustworthy man who is influenced and inspired by his past to treasure and appreciate each day of his life with joy and contentment. The book is uniquely entertaining as it is revealed how Harold's righteousness and integrity is challenged. Harold's interaction and adventures with his longtime and unlikely friend, Murray, come alive with humor and realism. By chance, Harold develops an unlikely close friendship with Tomorbaatar and Kulan, young men from Mongolia. They become partners in the Mongolian Bowling League Tournament, beginning an incredible and remarkable journey. Reading this delightful and heartwarming story, an appreciation of the significance of friendships, honesty and authenticity is reinforced and the reader is motivated to recognize and better understand the importance of valuing and cherishing each day of one's life. I recommend this book to all those who enjoy reading a charming, entertaining, and meaningful book."
—Margie Schulman, Amazon Customer


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