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The Neighborhood

When Andrew Lelling moves into his new home in a Florida neighborhood by Misty Hollow Lake, it's soon discovered that a murder/suicide had taken place inside the house. Researching this gruesome act, he discovers that his neighbors have a proclivity for murder in pursuit of a commodity that could destroy him.
"The One, Incorporated," run by an attorney who has designs on Andrew's wife, traffic in the international sale of body parts.  The neighbors supply "The One" inventory they procure in their own special way. The alligator infested lake is a perfect venue for murderers to dump the bodies, ridding themselves of any evidence.
Memories and the voice of Big Beth, a mentally ill woman from his teens who he took advantage of for sex, haunts Andrew as his mind devolves. When she creeps into in his head, will she help redeem or lead him to slaughter?



Art Lemon

Art Lemon had a bright name but his life wasn't so bright. Discarded by his biological parents, Art was born a premature baby, found in a dumpster behind the Walmart store early one morning. He had a note pinned on his diaper with one word written on it, "Trash."


Growing up in a small midwestern town, Art's adoptive parents go to great lengths to instill in him a sense of self-worth and protect him from a town that has shunned him.


Art grows up spending most of his time working in his father's workshop in the basement, an almost magical place, giving him protection and a sense of security from the outside world. His confidence grows as he becomes expert at the hobby of RC aviation, a hobby that brings out his creativity and challenges his superior intellect.


After high school, Art becomes part of an elite civilian force working for the CIA and DARPA. Art has invented the prototype for the drone, and a never-ending energy source that the government struggles to keep top-secret.


In the end, Art is faced with many challenges including saving his love interest, battling her brother who is a Special Forces Marine, and saving two American hostages held captive by the Taliban. Art will battle all of his shortcomings in a bloody shootout utilizing new and advanced drone technology in Afghanistan.


Art Lemon is everyman caught up in an otherwise brutal world.