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It's a Good Day to Liquidate

"I've failed miserably, so perhaps the pot of gold wasn't waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow, but rather, it's waiting for me on the dark side in a cheap suitcase." Eddy Ackerman is a self-professed failure until he found his success in the liquidation industry, but he gets caught up in the dark side, the criminality that integrates itself into the business.



"I kept seeing those dark shadows of cash in my mind. I ruminated that it might be time for me to cross the line and go get some, even though I'm rather naïve as it relates to the dark side. I knew that I needed to follow Frank's lead as he had found the secret to success! He seemed to have qualities that allowed him to obtain it a hundred times over. There's something about a successful person, we all aspire to." Eddy Ackerman inherits a retail furniture store from his late father. Not too much longer, it goes belly up, and his wife just leaves him, broke. More like broken, and there it is, another failure. 


Things aren't always as they seem when he goes to work for a liquidation company. Eddy gets caught up in the criminal world and finds himself in a life-or-death struggle to survive. Can his father's past connection to his new boss teach him the true meaning of success, or will it get him killed?


Eddy's journey illuminates that failure and liquidation are an integral part of our lives. We all liquidate; it's just what we do. We get rid of the "old" and start anew, but not everyone survives a liquidation.

Lizard of Transition

Can a dying war veteran find redemption before his death after murdering a Japanese soldier during World War Two.



Joe Rabinovsky, a ninety-one-year-old WWII veteran is dying in a hospice facility. His son, Joshua, is holding vigil with his Dad when his father recants his war experience and then surprisingly confesses to a murder he committed during the war.


"Lizards are nasty creatures. I remember men in my platoon would use them for target practice. It was sport to them. It helped them pass the time. War is ninety percent boredom, ten percent action and when the action comes, in that time you'll experience pure terror."


His son is also going through difficult times after discovering his spouse was having an affair. They come together as his wife pays homage to her father-in-law. They recount their lives together as Joe continues to relive his time in the war.


Joe reveals he has a good luck flag that he had taken off a prisoner he killed during the war. The son and his grandson go on a quest to find the family of the prisoner his father killed. They ultimately find his son as they present the flag in a final act of redemption.

The Neighborhood at Misty Hollow

Andrew Lelling moves into a new neighborhood, expecting peace when it's all about mayhem, murder, and body parts.


When Andrew Lelling and his wife move into a new home in the Misty Hollow lake community, the secrets of his home and his new neighbors reveal themselves. Their home is haunted by a murder/suicide, neighbors with a proclivity for murder, and a connection to "The One, Incorporated."


Murder, body part harvesting, and an alligator-infested lake is not the community Andrew had in mind, but neither was losing his wife. Andrew finds himself falling into a deep pit of guilt, with the dark Memories and the voice of Big Beth, a mentally ill woman from his teens who he took advantage of for sex, haunts Andrew as his mind devolves.


When she creeps into his head, will she help redeem or lead him to slaughter?




The Amazing Life of Art Lemon

After a surgeon cares for a premature baby found discarded in a dumpster, he brings him home. Can Dr. Lemon and his wife protect Art from the bullying he endures growing up in a small mid-western town and protect him from losing his sense of self.


Arts superior intellect is discovered by the CIA who recruits him when he was eighteen to work on the burgeoning 1993 U.S. Predator Drone Program.


Brought to Langley Air Force base while working with DARPA, his inventions will change the course of warfare and one will change the world.


On a mission to Afghanistan, with the Marine leader who wants to destroy Art, will they be able to rescue and bring home the captured airmen held by the Taliban? And will Art reunite with his fiancé, the Marines sisters?